5 Best Speed Reading Courses Available

Are you having a hard time reading big chunks of words quickly? Then, speed reading is a great option for you. And in this post, I am sharing with you the best speed reading courses I have found so far.

Personally, I also had trouble reading big paragraphs in the past. So, my friend suggested that I try taking a speed-reading course.

The results were amazing, to say the least! My reading paced up and I could now read text-based documents in no-time!

But what is speed reading in the first place? Read more about speed reading and how it will help you read more books and get more information.

In a nutshell, speed reading is being able to read faster than the average reading speed while being able to process and take in more information at the same time. And it takes practice and training to master it.

This is where speed reading courses come to the picture. These courses involve a variety of training methods that will rapidly improve our average rate of reading. Over the next few sections, we will discuss the best speed-reading course, so that you end up with the most informative training material out there.

Best Speed Reading Courses

If you want to boost your speed reading and are looking into taking a course for the job, here are some of the top options out there.

1. Iris Speed Reading Course

best speed reading courses

When it comes to speed reading courses, Iris tops our list. Tailored to suit a wide range of levels and preferences, these courses are comprehensive, insightful and easy to follow. The video learning courses are also backed by eBooks, which further helps you in understanding the concepts.

The courses are taught by professionals and are therefore completely reliable as well. As of now, you can pick from either one of the three courses offered by Iris. Alternatively, you can also choose a course bundle.

Here’s a quick sneak peek on the courses:

Foundation: This is the first course that is ideal for the ones who are just starting with speed reading. It offers insights about the various fundamental aspects of speed reading like techniques where you read a big chunk of words and san the right ones. Additionally, it also teaches you to enhance your overall retention capacity.

Mastery: Ideal for advanced learners, this course helps you learn the final steps of being a successful speed reader. It includes a range of advanced methods touching the concepts of subvocalization, spaced reading sessions, eye techniques, and others. Currently, this course is available 12 small video seminars.

Advanced Memory and Comprehension: This is the final step of improving your reading speed. With 30 insightful video seminars and 14 hours’ worth content, this course gives you a comprehensive insight into the techniques that’ll boost your speed and improve your memory right away!

best speed reading courses


  • Easy to follow.
  • Different courses tailored according to your unique needs.
  • It helps you master some of the most difficult techniques of speed reading.
  • Comprehensive and insightful.
  • It offers eBooks and other training materials as add-ons.


  • Courses range to long hours.
  • The training sessions can be more interactive.

Pricing: From $50 to $100 depending on the course

If you’re interested in this course, then check it out here! 

2. Ace Reader Speed Reading Course

best speed reading courses

If you’re looking for a speed-reading course that explains complex concepts with fun and interactive games, Ace Reader is your best bet. This program can be availed by individuals of any age. It’s also incredibly useful when it comes to training your mind for faster reading and higher focus.

Some of the topics included in this speed course include subvocalization, reduction of eye-fixation time, regression, expansion of eye fixation zone, and boosting your overall re-fixation speed. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this program is easy to follow, the guidelines are detailed and comprehensive.

The biggest highlight of this speed-reading course is the fact that it includes special tools for individuals suffering from disabilities and other physical/emotional challenges.

Available in Elite and Premium versions, this course will also let you access more than 650 ebooks and plenty of other online and offline resources depending on the type of your subscription.

The best part: it’ll also allow you to monitor your progress effortlessly. Yes, there is a daily status indicator that updates about your progress every day. The course also offers different modes of operation that allow you to decide how you want to control it.

The final takeaway is the hundreds of eye-practicing drills that help you focus better and boosts your overall reading time.

So, if you want to purchase an inclusive, useful, and interactive speed-reading course- Ace Reader will surely meet your expectations.


  • Covers all the essential concepts of speed-reading.
  • Ideal for every age.
  • It comes with plenty of online drills.
  • Includes puzzles and games to make the sessions interactive.
  • It gives you access to more than 650 online and offline resources.


  • It cannot be accessed on mobile phones.
  • Graphics on the platform can be slightly dodgy.

Pricing: $59 to $69.95

3. 7-Speed Reading Course

Easily accessed on your desktop and browsers, the 7-Speed Reading Course is packed with plenty of insightful activities, informative video courses, and advanced techniques to improve your reading speed. It also comes with an advanced progress tracking mechanism that lets you assess how you’re faring in the course.

Ideal for all ages and study-level, this course can be accessed from any corner of the globe if you have a PC and an internet connection. Upon signing up, you will get access to five different user accounts that can be installed multiple times on any laptop or Desktop. That said, do note that this course is only compatible with Google Chrome, Windows and Linux.

Following are the key takeaways of this course:

Expert Tutorials: When you sign up for this speed-reading course, you’d be able to access expert video training sessions, interactive exercises and plenty of useful training guidelines. It also includes drills suited for every level, enjoyable games, and features for monitoring and tracking your progress. The best part: you’d be able to personalize the lessons by importing any of your favorite materials from the web.

Add-Ons: This course comes with a massive cloud library giving you access to 20,000 eBooks and multiple Smart Goals. These help you to analyze your skills and set the ideal reading improvement goal.



  • Plenty of video training sessions.
  • Includes drills and games for every age.
  • It comes with features for tracking your daily progress.
  • It gives you access to more than 20,000 eBooks.


  • Site graphics can be improved.
  • Training sessions can be more detailed.

Pricing: Limited price of $79.95

4. Rev It Up Reading

best reading courses

Rev it Up Reading is for all avid readers who flip through multiple pages on a day to day basis. This compact course is easy to follow and can be conveniently completed in a couple of hours. Unlike most other courses that are taught by multiple experts, this course is handled by Abby Marks Beale.

Being one of the leading educators in America, she addresses all your queries about speed reading and offers detailed insight on multiple techniques. The biggest benefit of this course that it is available in short chunks. With 9 course modules, this training session can be completed in as little as 5 hours.

The interface is animated, interactive and well-narrated, and using it won’t be a hassle. Upon signing up, you will be able to pick from a range of 17 different timed activities that are designed to boost your reading rate. Each of these activities can be completed online, and progress too can be easily monitored.

In case you get stuck in the middle of the course, you’ll have an option to send a direct email to Abby, who will then give you a one-on-one session about overcoming your obstacle. This course is available for various day passes ranging from 1 to 365 days.


  • Modern interface.
  • Includes plenty of training exercises.
  • Divided in small chunks for easier understanding.
  • Offers real-time support from the instructor herself.
  • It comes in a range of different plans.


  • For a 5-hour course, this seems slightly expensive.
  • Limited add-ons.

Pricing: From $49 (7 days access) to $249 (365 days access)

5. Spreeder

best speed reading courses

This is a leading RSVP reader and speed-reading course that drastically improves your reading skills.

By the end of the training sessions, you’ll be able to effortlessly read big eBooks, long web pages, PDFs, word documents, and practically any other text-based material.

According to the makers, you can efficiently read more than 46 different text-based formats after completing this course.

Compatible on both browsers and mobile phones, the speed-reader course is one of those selected few training materials that can be accessed from your iPhones an iPad. The course comes with a specialized app for iPad access.

Spreeder offers multiple training courses broadly categorized as Guided training’ and Warm Up Courses’.

Guided Training: Here you’ll find useful insights on reducing subvocalization, cutting down on regression, expanding your fixation times, and a combination of multiple techniques.

Warm-Up: As a part of the warmup sessions, you will learn advanced insights on the previously studied guided pieces of training.


  • Helps you to speed-read 46 different text-based formats.
  • Cloud library comes with plenty of eBooks.
  • Dedicated app for iPhone.
  • Offers different levels of training to boost your learning process.
  • Extremely affordable.


  • The number of techniques covered is limited.
  • It doesn’t include drills.

Pricing: Limited period price of $37.

More Apps to Help You Read More Books

So those are just some of the speed reading courses that are available right now. There are so many tools and apps that are available online which you can use to learn speed reading.

Meanwhile, you can use the following services together with your speed reading courses to practice and master the art and science of speed reading.

Kindle Unlimited by Amazon – Enjoy a 30-day free trial upon sign up.

Audible by Amazon – 30 days of free trial plus 2 Free audiobook downloads.

With these resources at hand, you will surely master speed reading, be able to read faster and read more. Be sure to check them out!

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Thanks for reading!

Now go out, read faster and read more.

Until next time!




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