31 Unique Gifts Perfect for Book Lovers (They Aren’t Books!)

perfect gift for book lovers

What is the perfect gift for book lovers? Do you know?

Looking for a gift is always a challenge – so much more with book lovers. While you could purchase them a new book or a gift card to their favorite book store, gift cards can feel a bit impersonal, and it can be difficult to select a book for someone else.

Try one of these amazingly unique non-book gifts instead.

31 Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers


1. Library Candle

perfect gift for book lovers - library candle

For a bookworm, there’s no place happier and more peaceful than a library.

With a Library Candle, your favorite bookworm can enjoy that feeling from the comfort of their home.

Its scent of leather and old pages are complemented by earthy notes of orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and sandalwood.

2. Book Printed Scarf

perfect gift for book lovers - book printed scarf

If your favorite bookworm loves scarves, take a look around the Storiarts shop.

They print scarves with text from books like Pride and Prejudice, The Raven, Alice in Wonderland, and James and the Giant Peach.

The online store also makes gloves, book pouches and totes, and pillow covers in various book prints.

3. “Just One More Chapter” Throw Pillow

perfect gift for book lovers - just one more chapter pillow

We all know there’s no such thing as “just one more chapter,” especially when you’re reading a great book, but we all say it.

Pay homage to this reading addict quote with an elegantly printed throw pillow.

4. The Book Seat

perfect gift for book lovers - book seat

Holding a book for hours on end can become rather tiring!

We’ve tried practically everything to give our arms a rest – our laps, phones, and even rocks – and experienced limited success.

The Book Seat is the perfect solution. It also doubles as a travel pillow, which makes it perfect for reading outside, on the plane, or at our favorite coffee shop.

5. Fabric Book Cover Protectors

perfect gift for book lovers - Fabric Book Cover Protectors

 We prefer that our books stay in pristine condition, but the battle against the elements is sometimes lost.

Cups of tea and coffee, the rain, and sticky surfaces at our favorite coffee shops plot against us.

These fabric book covers offered in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, make protecting our favorite books easier.

Your favorite bookworm will be taking you for your thoughtful gift for years to come!

6. Banned Book Mug

perfect gift for book lovers - banned book mug

We are of the mindset that good literature should never be banned, but so many great works have been challenged and removed from the shelves of libraries.

Help your favorite bookwork pay homage to these controversial pieces of literature with this fun banned book mug.

When the mug is cold, the titles of the books are blacked out, but as soon as heat hits it, the names of the banned books are revealed.

7. Mr. Darcy Bath Bombs

perfect gift for book lovers - mr.darcy bath bombs

If we know Mr. Darcy (and we do!), he smells downright scrumptious.

Gift your favorite bookworm these Mr. Darcy bath bombs and they’ll smell lovely, too!

All they have to do is plop one in the tub, grab a good book, and enjoy a nice, comforting soak.

8. Book Novel Tea Tin

perfect gift for book lovers - book novel tea tin

Nothing in this world can compete with a good book and a cup of hot tea – expect maybe these adorable novel tea tins.

With titles like “Anise in Wonderland,” “Matcha Do About Nothing,” and “Pride and Peppermint,” these ornately designed tins pay homage to our two favorite things in the world – books and tea!

9. Book Themed Socks

perfect gift for book lovers - book-themed socks

Book-themed socks are the best! They remind us of our favorite books wherever we go.

There are also a variety of themes related to books available plus they are super affordable.

10. Leather Book Purse or Handbag

perfect gift for book lovers - leather book bag

Book totes are wonderful for carrying books around, but their functionality can be limited.

These stylish book-themed leather handbags and purses allow us to carry all of our stuff while also sharing our love for books, no matter where we’re at!

11. Shakespeare Insult Poster

perfect gift for book lovers - shakespeare insult poster

Some might see Shakespeare as outdated, but we know the truth! His dagger-like wit remains unmatched, even hundreds of years later.

Give your favorite bookworm the gift of 100 classical literary insults (and a great conversation piece) with this awesome Shakespeare insult poster.

12. Folding Portable Book Lamp

perfect gift for book lovers - folding portable book lamp

Book lamps come in all shapes and sizes, but we love this one, purely for the fact that it looks like an actual book.

It closes and opens, just like a real book. It’s also ultra-portable,  so your favorite bookworm will have a reading light, wherever they go.

13. Book Embossing Stamp

perfect gift for book lovers - book embossing stamp

We love sharing our favorite books with friends, but only when we get them back.

If the bookworm in your life feels the same, give them this embossing book stamp as a gift.

The personalized, crisply embossed stamp will be a constant reminder for those who borrow books from his or her personal library.

14. Over-the-Tub Book Caddy

perfect gift for book lovers - over-the-tub book caddy

We love reading during a good soak, but if you’re not careful, the pages can get wet.

Give your favorite bookworm a solution with this nickel-plated over-the-tub book caddy. It’ll even hold a glass of wine (or a cup of tea) and a candle for ambiance.

15. Papercuts: A Party Game for the Rude and Well-Read

perfect gift for book lovers - Papercuts party game

Papercuts is basically like “Cards Against Humanity,” but it’s designed especially for book lovers. The game features 75 question cards and 175 answer cards for hours of rude, bookish fun.

16. Book Bracelet

perfect gift for book lovers - book bracelet

We love books – so much so that we’ll advertise it in every way possible. This leather bracelet, complete with a “book” charm, is perfect for any bookworm.

17. The Book Lover’s Journal

perfect gift for book lovers - book lovers journal

We’re voracious readers here, but even new readers can find purpose in this book lover journal.

They can document their reading journey, make lists of books they want to read, and even keep track of books they’ve borrowed or lent to others.

18. Fun Bookmarks from MyBookmark

perfect gift for book lovers - fun book marksWe’ll never have enough bookmarks, but if we could, these handmade ones from MyBookmark would be the last ones we’d ever buy.

The selection is wide, ranging from Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter characters to sloths, brides, and beagles.

19. Bibliophile Key Ring

perfect gift for book lovers - bibliophile key ring

If you’re looking for a small but meaningful gift, this bibliophile keyring is a perfect choice!

It features one of our favorite quotes on books. It’s also nickel and lead-free.

20. F. Scott Fitzgerald Unframed Book Page Print

perfect gift for book lovers - F. Scott Fitzgerald Unframed Book Page Print

Few quotes are inspiring F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “For what it’s worth.”

Pay homage to his words with this unframed book page print (or frame it for them).

Your favorite bookworm will love having this constant reminder that it’s never too late to enjoy life.

21. Novel Teas

perfect gift for book lovers - Novel Teas

Books and tea are like peanut butter and jelly, only better! Combine them, as Novel Teas has done, and you have the ultimate gift for book lovers.

22. Magnetic Poetry Kit

perfect gift for book lovers - Magnetic Poetry Kit

Literature lovers of all sorts can find enjoyment in these book-themed poetry refrigerator magnets.

There are even some designed specifically for lovers of Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain.

23. Drinking Pun Book Coasters

perfect gift for book lovers - Drinking Pun Book Coasters

Coasters keep our books safe from condensation, but most are downright boring.

These drinking pun book cover coasters are way more fun!

24. “My Weekend’s All Booked” Women’s T-Shirt

perfect gift for book lovers - Women’s T-Shirt

This adorable fitted t-shirt features one of our favorite book puns.

Without saying a word, it lets everyone know what we plan to do be doing over the weekend.

Made by the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company.

25. Book Lover Throw Blanket

perfect gift for book lovers - Book Lover Throw Blanket

Snuggling up with a good book usually requires a nice, comfy throw.

This book lover blanket, which features a bookshelf full of books and a sleeping cat, is perfect!

26. Book Cover Phone Case

perfect gift for book lovers - Book Cover Phone Case

Give your favorite bookworm a way to protect their phone and advertise their love for books with one of these adorable book cover phone cases.

Featured titles include everything from Alice in Wonderland to the Great Gatsby.

27. Book Nerd Pin

perfect gift for book lovers - Book Nerd Pin

Your favorite bookworm can advertise their love for books on clothing, bags, and more with this stylish book nerd pin.

28. Wooden Book Page Holder

perfect gift for book lovers - Wooden Book Page Holder

We bookworms love to read during all activities – even while cooking, working out, or cleaning.

Unfortunately, holding your page can be a bit of a hassle. This wooden book page holder makes it easy!

29. Book Hangover Hoodie

perfect gift for book lovers - Book Hangover Hoodie

We know the book hangover, quite intimately, in fact.

This cozy book hangover hoodie perfectly describes our love-hate relationship with this book-related phenomenon.

30. Bookworm Earrings

perfect gift for book lovers - hand-drawn bookworm earrings

These hand-drawn bookworm earrings are a stylish and fun way to brag about our love for books.

They’re also hypoallergenic, making them perfect for those with sensitive ears.

31. Rainy Day Reads Candle Melts

perfect gift for book lovers - Rainy Day Reads Candle Melts

There’s nothing better than a good book on a rainy day. These Rainy Day Reads candle melts perfectly capture that feeling.

Did you find the perfect gift for booklovers here?

No matter what your favorite bookworm likes to read or do, you’re sure to find at least one fun, a non-book gift here on this list.

Gift one or gift them all!

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I hope you enjoyed this reading. If you do, please don’t forget to share and comment down your reactions below. Which one you think is the best?

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Enjoy reading and I hope you get the most out of the information I share on this site.

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